Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Only three days left!!

There are now for a lot of us only three days left at the school (with today). I'm very happy to go home, because I have at the moment a lot of changes in my live, of the work, school and sparetime...
But I will miss everybody. Specially because it's very difficult to visit each other. Everyone lives in another country and far away....
It was a great time here and I think I learnt a little bit better English.;)
I wish everyone a good travelling home, who goes home that weekend and specially Christoph I wish success for his IELTS on Saturday!!!


Blogger Sharon said...

Yes, it's especially sad because the school is closing too. But you never know where you will travel in the future and it's so easy to stay in contact with people. You could even continue to write what you are doing on this blog!

5:41 pm  

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