Monday, August 21, 2006

my new family!!

hello!!!!!!!!! I will tell u my new hostfamily.they are really nice. but my hostfather is more kind than hostmother. she looks litle bit scare.On Also, my hostfather 's one of hobby is car. he has got a sports car!!he told me, I can drop you in the citycenter with nice sports car!!
it was really nice!!!!!!!!it was fantastic!!!!!!!
Another day, it was brilliant weather at the moment! my hostfather was gardning outside. also, I am keen on plants. I dicided to help him. we worked togher. After that, he prepared to me english tea and scorn which was really nice!!
so I am really enjoying new family!!


Blogger Sharon said...

Glad you are getting on so well in your new home. I didn't know you liked plants. Do you have a garden in Japan? I think Japanese people are very fond of gardens, but they are quite different to the ones in England. I saw a beautiful Japanese garden made of different kinds of mosses (you can look up "Japanese moss garden" in google images, if you're not sure what it is)

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