Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hallo Norwich guys
I m back in Luxembourg,...

jil =))))

Friday, August 25, 2006

schools end now

Now this interesting time in norwich is finished. It was agood and interesting time, was interesting meet you, thanks helmut

Thursday, August 24, 2006


We had a 2 differnts sort of competition yesterday which is pool and tabletennis. I joined both of them!! I lost pool easily. my patner (SALA from LIVIA) seems to be angry with me....sorry SALA..
But,I have a confident of tabletennis. At first, I against with KANA. I won easily!! next, I against with JIN. it wasn't easily to win from him!! but, finally I beat him!!
then, tounament I had to against with Cristophe!!!before I play, I thought it's difficult to win. but it wasn't ....(^^) I think it was really good match!!
Finally, I beat him!! after the game, he looked like bit depressed!!but NEVER MIND!!ahahahahaha
I am the best!!!natsu***


Competitions from yesterday

I big big Gratulation to Natsu who won the table tennis competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was really impressed from her, I didn't know that she can play so well!!!!! Natsu you're my king!!!:)))

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Only three days left!!

There are now for a lot of us only three days left at the school (with today). I'm very happy to go home, because I have at the moment a lot of changes in my live, of the work, school and sparetime...
But I will miss everybody. Specially because it's very difficult to visit each other. Everyone lives in another country and far away....
It was a great time here and I think I learnt a little bit better English.;)
I wish everyone a good travelling home, who goes home that weekend and specially Christoph I wish success for his IELTS on Saturday!!!

--John Tucker must die--

John Tucker must die

Yesterday we went to the cinema with the social programme. The film we saw was - John Tucker must die-.
It s a comedy in which the famous American singer Ashanti and the sexy boy ( in the film called John) of Desperate Housewifes casted. It s a typical American teenage film.
It s about a boy called John who is chaeting on many of his girlfriends. He is the handsome headmaster of the basketball team, every girl wants to go out with him. He thinks that he can have whatever he wants. Meanwhile a Girl called Kate moved with her mother to this new city, she attended John s school, but she wasnt attracted by his charm as the other girls were.
Kate knew that John was cheating on his girlsfriends. John then broke up with these 3 girls, they learned that he had cheaten on them. It was Kate who told it indirectly to them. The 4 girls including Kate decided to wecken John s good image in school. They wanted to take revenge. Finally they decided that Kate should fall in love with John.Kate pretended to love him. John wanted Kate to be his girlfriend. But Kate s aim was to split up with him in a few day s time , but before John had to do many embarrrassing things, such as running through an hotel wearing a string,.... to gain his love. Finally John understood that Kate was only pretending her love to him. John didn t blame her for doing this because he had learned how awful it was to be thrown away by a girl. Kate and the 3 girls stayed friends and Kate decided to date John Tucker s brother, but this time she was not pretending to love him.

The End

Monday, August 21, 2006

my new family!!

hello!!!!!!!!! I will tell u my new hostfamily.they are really nice. but my hostfather is more kind than hostmother. she looks litle bit scare.On Also, my hostfather 's one of hobby is car. he has got a sports car!!he told me, I can drop you in the citycenter with nice sports car!!
it was really nice!!!!!!!!it was fantastic!!!!!!!
Another day, it was brilliant weather at the moment! my hostfather was gardning outside. also, I am keen on plants. I dicided to help him. we worked togher. After that, he prepared to me english tea and scorn which was really nice!!
so I am really enjoying new family!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

i visit this pub too, was very fine there

I am realy happy, i have choiced this city for my english learning, because the scholl is interesting, people in group are nice and friendly, teachers helpful and, not at least, i like this wonderful town. Ther are such as of interesting buildings, i never have seen in a similar place. Did you seen the cathedral or one ofther impotant buildings, greetings helmut

My favorite place in Norwich

is Pub such as Adam&Eve and Bell Hotel because of following two reasons.
First, We can so closely feel the atomosphere of England there. I think everybody drinking become very friendly and funny.
Another reason, which is more important, is that I can leagally drink alchole!! In Japan it's illeagal for the people under 20 to drink it. Don't you think this defference is so strange and stupid !?

Norwich city

Norwich is a small city of about 150,000 inhabitants about one hundred miles north-east of London. It is a very old city, and there is a castle and two cathedrals. It is quite popular with tourists because it is not too big or too noisy. Also it is near to The Norfolk Broads, which is an area of small lakes and rivers. This area is famous for boating and is very popular for holidays.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Here we are in the Study Centre